15 december capricorn horoscope

Download the Astro Guide app by VICE on an iOS device to read daily horoscopes personalized for your sun, moon, and rising signs, and learn how to apply cosmic events to self care, your friendships, and relationships. Luckily, Uranus, the planet of innovation and surprise, has your back on your transformational journey this month.

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A big shake-up will likely arrive in your love life, and you might decide to end a relationship you're craving freedom this month or get to know someone on an even deeper level So many new and unexpected people and circumstances may enter your life this month, dear sea goat. The sun and Venus in Leo make a harmonious connection with lucky Jupiter on August 7 and 8 respectively, creating a wonderfully healing energy.

Early this month, astrological alignments find you processing intense feelings and connecting with people on a deep level. This is a powerful time to connect with your inner voice and subconscious. Things are growing in your relationships as you and your partners share secrets. Jupiter ends its retrograde in Sagittarius, Mercury enters fiery Leo, and Uranus begins its retrograde on August 11, bringing a big energy shift: You might find yourself exhausted or having very active dreams!

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Conversations concerning money—especially tricky topics like debts, taxes, inheritances, and shared resources—are coming up, and there may be surprises in your creative pursuits, love life, and social life. You can start having more sex, you could get into pottery, or you could start a band. Think of it as an investment in your mental health. Breaks make you more productive. If you're reluctant to switch up your schedule or broaden your horizon, don't be surprised when the universe does it for you.

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  • Uranus goes retrograde on Sunday, August 11 , bringing shake-ups that steer us back on course. On Thursday, August 15 , there's a full moon in eccentric Aquarius. Due to your melancholy front, people often forget what a great sense of humor Capricorn has.

    🎂 Birthdays

    Tonight is a beautiful time to get together with friends to kick back and laugh. Since you're ruled by Saturn, known to some as Father Time, you're very in tune with the seasons. During the dog days of summer, it's okay to relax a bit. You're simply following the cycle. Remember to tell romantic partners and coworkers who deserve it that you appreciate them. On Sunday, August 17 , warrior planet Mars enters fastidious Virgo.

    Capricorn Decans

    You may feel overly critical during this time, and those around you will be ready to snap back at you. It's not every day that you get a taste of your own medicine, but when you do, you don't care for it. Romantic partners will be on edge on Wednesday, August 21 , as pleasure planet Venus also enters Virgo. You're one of the most ambitious and responsible signs, and tend to put your professional aspirations above all else.

    Welcome to Leo season, dear Capricorn!

    Success is where you aim, and luckily, even though it takes many years and plenty of diligent effort, you typically end up realizing any goal you set for yourself. You are more reserved and cautious than most but that won't stop you from enjoying your special day.

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    Your approach might be less party animal and more prudent, but that doesn't mean you don't know how to have fun. You simply tend to do it on a budget and with a curfew.

    Love and Compatibility for January 15 Zodiac

    Hey -- there's a reason why you're so successful. Knowing your limits is one of them! If you have one fault it's that you take life so seriously that occasionally you may fall into fits of melancholy. This is due to the fact that you view life with stark realism, a tendency that leaves little room for imaginings and faith. But at least on your birthday, consider making an exception. When your loved ones light the candles on your cake, go ahead and make a wish.