An astrologers day by rk narayan

The astrologer had great presence of mind. Justify this statement with reference to the text. The astrologer has great presence of mind. This is emphasised in the way he reacts to the encounter with his last customer. The astrologer realises that the man he once thought dead was actually alive. The astrologer succeeds in saving his own life by convincing Guru Nayak that the man he sought was dead, being crushed under a lorry. As the other lit a cheroot, the astrologer caught a glimpse of his face by the matchlight.

How does the author characterize Guru Nayak in the story? Guru Nayak is the antithesis of the astrologer.

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The author describes Guru Nayak through his dialogue. The wager is carefully inserted in the story in order to reveal later that Nayak, with his weakness for gambling, would have been at least partly to blame for the quarrel in the past. This minor detail shows that Nayak is untrustworthy. This leaves the reader thinking that the astrologer was probably the victim, rather than Guru Nayak.

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Explore how R. This leant a sense of enchantment to the place because there was a lack of proper lighting. His simple customers mistook this for a prophetic light and felt comfortable in his presence. Thus, the astrologer created a welcoming aura around himself. In the market place, the shops were lit up by different types of lights.

He had once thought that he killed someone. But he discovered that the victim was well and still alive.

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The author has made a daring choice probably with a specific purpose in mind. The second person point of view draws the reader into story. Language Style Cultural Context: 1. To crown the effect he wound a saffron color turban around his head 2.

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His professional equipment, which consist of a dozen cowrie shells. Took out an anna and flung it out to him, The anna is a former coin of India that was equal to four pice pice is a coin of very small value 5. If you find my answer satisfactory, will you give me 5 rupee? A bundle of palmyra writing it refer to paper made from leave of the palmyra tree 7. Jaggery is unrefined sugar made from palm tree 9.

He said, yawning and stretced him self on the pyol. Pyol is a low bench. Summary This is an example of external conflict against society and its struggle.

Critical Appreciation of the short story ‘An Astrologer’s Day by R.K.Narayan’

He also has problem with the neighboring vendors. He can live to the fullest and make the best of his future quarrels. This emotional effect on him perhaps produced fear inside when he met up with Nayak again. This shows that even fictional characters can have manlike problems and manlike solutions to those problems. The Astrologer and Guru Nayak are two great examples of character with both internal and external conflicts.

The Astrologer recognizes Guru Nayak as someone he met before, someone he thought he had killed. The Astrologer is startled that the person he stabbed and left to die in a field, is still alive to tell about i. One of the main conflicts in the story is an internal one. God always know our fate later. Thank you..

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  • You just clipped your first slide! That impresses Guru Nayak and he tells the astrologer that he is out to seek out the man who stabbed him so that he can take the revenge. The astrologer then informs him that the man who stabbed him had died having been crushed under a lorry four months earlier and that Nayak's life was not safe so he should return to his village immediately and warns him not to travel in that direction again.

    Satisfied with the answer, Nayak gives him some coins and leaves feeling happy at the thought that the man he wanted to kill is already dead. The astrologer comes home and tells his wife that a big load was off his mind that day because he had discovered that the man he thought he had murdered years back in his native village and because of whom he had left home, was in fact alive.

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    He also realizes that Nayak had given him less money than he had promised. Though it is the story of a particular incident in the life of an astrologer, the major part of the story describes a day in the life of an astrologer in India who sits on the pavement to read palms to tell the future of men.

    The man has spread before him his Professional equipment which consists of cowry shells , Palmyra writing and mystic charts which he can not read. To add to that is his saffron-colored turban and his tilak which are enough to invite the trust of a common man who generally frequents this type of narrow road described in the story.

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    Till the time the reader encounters Guru Nayak, the description given of the astrologer is that of any roadside astrologer in a town. The man transacts his business purely on his wits and the ignorance of his clients. Moreover, what leads the reader to believe that this is the story of an astrologer is the fact that the author has not given him a name- he is simply referred to as The astrologer.

    The title suggests that the reader is going to read about the life of an astrologer and that is what he learns about and in that respect, it is acclaimed as an appropriate title to the story. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.