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London: Thames and Hudson, Ltd. Milburn, Leigh Hope. The Progressed Horoscope Simplified. Second Ed. Levi, Grant. Astrology for the Millions. Fourth Revised Ed. Toronto: Bantam Books, Paterson, Helena. Boston: Charles E. Tuttle Company, Inc. Woolfolk, Joanna Martine. Thomas, Robert B. The Old Farmer's Almanac. Llewellyn George , Llewellyn College of Astrology, issuing body. Modern Astrology the "Astrologer's Magazine". Established IX January-June X July-December XI January-June XII July-December XIV July-December George, Llewellyn.

Attainment Through Cosmic Vibrations. Los Angeles: Llewellyn Publications, Ltd. First Edition: Second Edition: Jacy en Student Chart Reader of Horoscope Indications. Revised Seventh Ed. Los Angeles: Llewellyn George, Student Chart Reader Horoscope Indications. A to Z Horoscope Delineator. A to Z Horoscope Maker and Delineator. Revised and Enlarged Fifth Ed.

Revised Tenth Edition. Revised 9th Ed. Webber, C. Charles Henry. The 20th Century Educator. Part One, Philosophic Astrology Elucidated. Boston, Mass. Volvelle 1. Circle Books. Aspect Finder. Ann Arbor, Mich. Volvelle 2. Cirlce Books. Tempe, Arizona. Reprint of the above. White, Eloise A. Astrological reading and daily guide. White, Contents: Horoscope provides overall predictions with monthly sections covering March to February ; recipient "born under the sign Taurus" unknown.

Includes minor corrections of the text by White in pencil; leaf 1 has handwritten text in upper left corner C; opened , Sun, 9 pm C ; Eloise A White's autograph on leaf 1. Copy 1: George, Llewellyn. How Planets Affect You. The Llewellyn library series ; 2. Copy 2: George, Llewellyn. Copy 3: George, Llewellyn. Wrappers carry imprint: Saint Paul, Minn. Copy 1. You and I and the Stars. Version with empty block space on front cover for sellers and distributors to add their own address, name, etc. Copy 2. Reprint date inferred from ad page 58 for Astrological Bulletina, "28 years of continued publication", which began in Copy Version with Llewellyn Publications, Ltd.

Your Twelve Journeys with the Moon. Los Angeles: Llewellyn Publishing Co. Copy George, Llewellyn. Los Angeles: Llewellyn Publications, Subjects: Astrology--Therapeutic use; Zodiacal tissue salts Dietary supplement. A Mental Specialist. Astrology in Relation to Mind and Character. London : W. Table of contents: Reading the sample map -- The cusps of the horoscope -- Character -- The balanced mind -- The unbalanced mind -- An unusual case -- Suicidal tendencies -- A case of panic treatment -- Heredity -- A Gemini type -- Discourse to students.

Astrological Chats. Previously published "Chats" articles from "The Astrological Bulletina" magazine. Table of contents: Onward and upward! Astrological chats. Copy 1: Weston, L. The Fixed Stars in Astrology. Portland, Oregon: Llewellyn Publishing Co. Comments: Version with three page prospectus beginning on verso of page 21; Imprint place and date taken from this ad for Health and attainment through cosmic vibrations, published in unnumber pages , prior to Llewellyn Publishing relocating the Los Angeles the same year; Version rebound with 9 page prospectus on the Planetary daily guide for all, the moon sign book; Reprint date taken from unnumbered page 6 for 25th annual edition; Planetary daily guide for all, the moon sign book began publication in as Better than magic.

Copy 2: Weston, L. Hardback: color: blue. Ancient and modern names ; Ptolemaic natures ; Longitude, latitude, right ascension and declination for the year -- Commixtures of light. Showing the qualities in combinations -- Exterior stars. Ptolemaic descriptions of stars in each Zodiacal sign -- Babylonian and Arabian stars. The mansions of the moon, specific nature of 28 Arabian stars -- Modern descriptions of the remaining 52 stars -- To compute positions of fixed stars for different dates. Mean annual precession ; Example showing how to find the longitude of stars for years before or after -- Annual increase in declination -- Processional values.

Formula for finding longitude and latitude of fixed stars when R. Tables showing dates when and what parts of the ancient constellations were occupied by the Vernal Equinox, from 22, B. Illuminating misunderstood and misinterpreted points in astrology -- A skitch from modern astronomy. Size of our universe ; Extent of neighboring universes ; Distance in these universes measured by quadrillions of miles ; Speed of movements in the heavens ; The center of gravity- What is it?

More significations from Hebrew and Chaldean sources -- To find the time of culmination of any heavenly body. Rules, example, and tables for conversion or arc, or right ascension, into time -- The Eqyptian Crux Ansata. Los Angeles: Llewellyn Pub. First issuance color: teal. Comments: First issue bares copyright statement on page 7; address Ardmore Ave. Table of Contents: Readings of Zodiacal signs -- Readings of ruling planet influences -- Ascending sign delineations. Second issuance. Table of contents: Listed alphabetically by subject: Analysis of horary figures.

Questions concerning: An Absent person ; Employment ; Fugitive ; Horse race ; Indemnity for accident ; Legal action ; Marriage ; Promotion ; Removal from residence ; Stock market forecast -- Aspects -- Countries ruled by Zodiacal signs -- Doctrine of elections: Advertising ; Airplane travel ; Amusement, diversion, pleasure ; Auction, for holding and buying ; Building houses ; Buying and selling ; Buying lands or houses ; Legal advice ; Long journeys ; Marriage ; Seeking employment ; Short journeys ; Surgical operations ; Vacations -- Eighth House questions: Concerning death ; Financial responsibility of a person inquired about -- Eleventh House questions: Friends, are they sincere and trustworthy?

Will there be safe delivery? Will the issue be male or female? Powerful Planets. Comments: Issued in several versions all baring the same copyright date. Sequence of issuance uncertain. First issue: pages, page 2 and 3 of cover with advertisements cf. Astrolearn entry. Second issue: pages with page "Notice of Corrections" as last printed page; page 2 of cover: Contents; page 3 of cover: Symbols of Aspects and their nature ; Aspects.

Third issue: pages with page laid in as "Notice of Corrections", which is also printed as page , issued circa as per advertisement on page for 7th ed. Variant issuance pages bares series Llewellyn library series ; no. LC copy ; Color of bindings may vary: Red cloth, gold embossed spine and front board hardback ; Side-wire staple bound, wrappers orange with oil burner shining Zodiac symbols in the light on front cover paperback.

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Third issuance. Sheet with page "Notice of Corrections" laid in; also printed as page Copy 4: George, Llewellyn. Secondary binding. Table of contents: Powerful planets -- Signs and constellations -- Fundamentals of astrology -- Educational features -- Natal astrology -- Horary astrology, [part 1] -- Horary astrology, [part 2] -- Planetary hours -- Agricultural astrology -- Medical astrology -- Mundane astrology -- Eclipses -- Comets -- Astro-meteorology -- Then and now -- References. Table of contents: Alphabetically listed: Adverse aspects are not "Evil" -- Anent daily indications -- Astrological planting for health and profit -- Biblical quotation explained astrologically -- Birth time through spiritualism?

Astrologer's Searchlight: which embodies all of the most valuable material formerly contained in "Astrological gleanings", with considerable matter added. Servicable for practical application by students and investigators of this benign science. Los Angeles: Llewellyn College of Astrology, Astrologer's Searchlight: Questions answered on mooted subjects to clarify obscure points for students of astrology.

Los Angeles: Llewellyn Publishing Company, The Llewellyn library series ; 8. Los Angeles: Llewellyn Publishing Company, , The Llewellyn library series ; no. The Astrologer's Searchlight: Questions answered on moot subjects to clarify obscure points for students of astrology. Table of contents: Introduction: Astrology, The solvent -- There is no end to the making and reading of horoscopes -- Chapter 1.

Matters relating to signs and planets: Signs and planets -- Pluto -- The ephemeris explained -- Tables of Houses, Their use -- Stars and planets -- Signs and constellations -- Fixed stars -- Earth and the Zodiac -- Modern astrology is geocentric -- Chapter 2. Matters relating to triplicities: Aquarius; Pisces and Scorpio; Their planetary rulers -- Meaning of triplicities -- Affinity and antipathy -- Amity or enmity -- Fruitful and barren signs -- Gender -- Moist, dry, hot and cold signs -- Cardinal, fixed and flexed signs -- Accidentals -- Dignity and debility -- Relative strength and importance of dignities and debilities -- Dominant planet of a chart -- Retrograde and direct motion -- Tropical signs -- Northern and southern signs -- Equinoctial signs -- Chapter 3.

Matters relating to planetary aspects: Aspect defined -- Ptolemy says -- Symbols of aspects: Their orb and nature -- Analyzing planetary aspects -- Adverse aspects not always detrimental -- Scientific deductions -- Modifying influences -- Not law evasion -- Chapter 4. Adverse aspects: How to overcome adverse aspects -- Every day a new beginning -- Serious responsibility of astrologers -- Life is a school -- Adverse aspects are blessings in disguise -- Every effort counts -- The st Psalm : for guidance and inspiration -- No evil aspects -- Harmony with nature : how to work in harmony with planetary influences -- Chapter 5.

Matters relating to time: The horoscope illustrated -- Importance of recording exact time of birth -- How to make time changes -- Foreign time compared with U. The noon mark: What is a noon mark? Rectification of the horoscope: Unknown birth time -- Uncertain birth times -- Birthmarks and rectification -- True birth time -- A record book: importance of jotting down date, time and place of events -- International Date Line -- Chapter 8.

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Matters relating to planetary hours, and time correction: Time correction -- Why hour books differ -- Planetary hour ruling time of birth -- Chapter 9. The ascendant and house rulers: The ascendant defined -- Sidereal time -- Change of civil day from noon to midnight with example -- Ruling planets -- His ruling signs -- Decans -- Decanate rulers -- Intercepted signs -- Intercepted sign and House cusp: Which is the planetary ruler?

The progressed horoscope: Method, uses and values -- Progressions explained -- Modern progression -- Scriptural time measure -- How the progressed year is determined -- Complete method necessary -- The new moon in nativities -- Eclipses: their effect in horoscopes -- Chapter Matters relating to the moon: Moon's phases and aspects -- Time and quality of phases -- Moon's phased defined and explained -- Finding moon's quarter in birth chart -- Pregnancy affect by moon -- Moon's place at time of conception -- Pre-determination of sex -- Best dates for conception -- The "Glory" of sun, moon and stars -- The astrological Psalm -- Chapter Indices of demise in a horoscope -- Illustrated by 12 charts showing the correspondences of the Terminus Vitae chart to members of the family and a close business associate.

Practical Astrology for Everybody. Portland, Oregon : Press of the P. Bulletina Pub. Table of contents: Preface -- The light of stars poem -- Astrology -- Concerning planetary indications -- The way of the world -- Fate in lack of knowledge -- Astrology develops inspiration -- Twins astrologically considered -- Solar biology, Helio-centric and geocentric astrology -- The astrologer poem -- Beginning new business -- Regarding marriage -- Sidereal time -- Astrological telepathy -- Message from Mars -- Discovery of life on mars confirmed -- Map showing new canals recently formed on Mars -- Remarks -- Wonderful clocks -- Says moon affects crops -- Comets -- What a comet means -- Ephemeris of Halley's Comet, -- According to astrology -- Planetary hours and their influence -- Notes on the effect of planetary hours -- Planetary influences -- Christmas -- The moon, its phases, influence and effects -- If I were the Earth and you were the Sun poem -- Miscellaneous notes -- Stirring events -- Cancer items -- Planets ruling liquids -- Lucky or unlucky?

Table of contents: Astrology -- Aspects and orbs of planets -- Aspects, Table of 16, with symbols, distance, etc. First issuance. Comments: First issuance pages pages of text, 16 pages of ads ; includes series numbering on spine: 6 without series statement elsewhere hardback ; The Llewellyn library series ; no. Second issuance hardbacks lack series statement and ads; paperbacks carry series numbering on spine and series statement on page 4 of cover.

Table of contents: Ailments, list of as ruled by signs -- Ascending sign, special note regarding -- Aspectarian blank, diagram illustrating aspects -- Aspects, sinister, dexter, partile, platic -- Aspects, table of the sixteen -- Aspects, nature and number of degrees constitution -- Aspects, major and minor -- Aspects, how to tabulate in proper order -- Aspects and orbs, application and separation -- Aspects, form of tabulating -- Aspects, table of order, nature and orbs -- Aspects, overlapping orbs of aspects -- Aspects, relative power -- Aspects, orbs of aspects in progressed charts -- Aspects, Progressed, not to be neglected -- Aspects, tabulating the progressed -- Aspects, making list of operative prog.

Health and attainment through cosmic vibrations. Los Angeles: Press of the Astrological Bulletina, Improved Perpetual Planetary Hour Book. Table of contents: Any one may learn to use planetary hours -- Annual equation of time, tables -- Aspects and octaves. In connection with planetary hours -- Astrology, In the schools ; Inner-communication -- Calendar for years -- Corroborating research. A list of herbs ruled by the various planets -- Hours, days, and the calendar. Actual experience with planetary hours -- Human body in relation to the planets -- Importance of the planetary hours.

Relative strength of the hours ; Rulership of planets by day or hour ; Rulership of planets by month -- Influence of the planetary hours -- Information for time correction. To find which planet is ruling at any certain time ; Example ; Qualifying influences ; Correction to clock time -- Introduction -- Invocations to the planetary deities. Gather herbs according to the rules of astrology ; Medicines, and when to apply them, according to ancient doctrine ; Rules astrological for using herbs ; Planets as they relate to parts of the body and physical disorders -- Morning blessing -- Nature and indications of planetary hours.

Days of the week are named after the planets ; Order of planetary hours -- Planetary hour tables for any year. Good aspects ; Adverse aspects -- Preface -- Qualifying conditions in time corrections. Standard time ; Daylight saving -- Rectification of the horoscope. Planetary hours an aid in rectification -- Rules for using the planetary hour tables -- Southern latitudes, How to use the planetary hour tables south of the equator -- Technical researchers, Interesting suggestions for, annual equation of time ; Tables for the twelve months of any year -- Sunrise and sunset -- Uranus in relation to the planetary hours -- Time correction, Information for.

Time Zones in the U. There is a time for every purpose under the heavens ; Atlantic standard time ; Central time ; Central Alaska time ; Clock time ; Daylight saving ; Eastern time ; Intercolonial Atlantic time ; Mean time ; Mountain time ; Pacific standard time ; Solar time ; Standard time ; St. Los Angeles: Llewellyn Publications,Ltd. Comments: Edition statement reads: Revised edition, - Seventh printing ; printing statement really indicates the seventh edition. In connection with planetary hours -- Astrology, In the schools ; Inner-communication -- Calendar for years.

For ascertaining any day of the week, from to -- Corroborating research. Gather herbs according to the rules of astrology ; Medicines, and when to apply them, according to ancient doctrine ; Rules astrological for using herbs ; Planets as they relate to parts of the body and physical disorders -- Memoranda: A few blank pages for jotting down dates and description of experiences with "Planetary Hours" -- Morning blessing -- Nature and indications of planetary hours.

Days of the week are named after the planets ; Order of planetary hours -- Planetary hours are based oon latitude No zone time change required -- Planetary hour tables for any year. Planetary hours an aid in rectification -- Relative strength of the hours -- Rules for using the planetary hour tables -- Southern latitudes, How to use the planetary hour tables south of the equator -- Technical researchers, Interesting suggestions for, annual equation of time ; Tables for the twelve months of any year -- Sunrise and sunset -- Uranus in relation to the planetary hours -- Time correction, Information for.

Perpetual planetary hour book. Comments: Title on cover: Improved perpetual planetary hour book; Edition statement reads: Revised edition, - Eighth printing ; printing statement really indicates the eighth edition. Copies George, Llewellyn. Comments: Series numbering, 7, on spine of hardback for Llewellyn library series; series statement lacking on paperback and hardback issues; Notice of new location effective January 1, stapled by publisher on inside back wrapper. Good aspects ; Adverse aspects -- Influence of planets in the Houses of a horoscope -- Influence of sign ascending at time of birth -- Effects of aspects by direction -- Mutual aspects by direction -- Directional aspects to the midheaven -- Directional aspects to the ascendant -- Another method of bringing out "Directions".

Improved perpetual planetary hour book. Los Angeles: Astrological Bulletina Press, DuLuce, Robert. Rectification of the Horoscope. Table of contents: Preface -- Timing of equatorial arcs -- Calculation of arcs of planets to conjunction of meridian -- Oblique ascension -- How to rectify horoscope by directing planet to horizon -- Solar Zodiacal arcs of direction -- Rectifying the horoscope by solar arcs -- Table of sun's apparent sidereal time -- Tables of ascensional difference -- Tables of right ascension -- North latitude: Aries and Taurus ; Gemini and Cancer ; Leo and Virgo ; Libra and Scorpio ; Sagittarius and Capricorn ; Aquarius and Pisces -- South latitude: Aries and Taurus ; Gemini and Cancer ; Leo and Virgo ; Libra and Scorpio ; Sagittarius and Capricorn ; Aquarius and Pisces.

Llewellyn College of Astrology. Helping Hand Department. Los Angeles: Llewellyn Astrological College, Comments: Originally issued as "Helping Hand lesson letters", a premium to the Astrological bulletina subscription; one each week for sixteen weeks. Table of contents: Co-operation, Lesson Number one -- Healing invocation -- Helpful affirmations, Lesson two -- Spoken world, The, Lesson three -- Power of thought, Lesson four -- Cleansing breath, Lesson five -- Value of water, lesson six -- Living waters and living faith, lesson seven -- Magic sleep, Lesson eight -- Invocation -- Right to health, Lesson nine -- I know that my redeemer lives, Lesson ten -- Trust Affirmation -- Habit of faith, Lesson eleven -- Mental hygiene, Lesson twelve -- Our kinship with universal vibration, Lesson thirteen -- Constructive thought Affirmation -- Alchemy, Lesson Fourteen -- Healing statement, Lesson sixteen -- Notice to students.

Prospectus of the "Astrolgian outfit: A complete course in modern astrology". Contents: Seven special lessons -- Practical astrology for everybody 6th edition -- Student chart reader 6th edition -- Astrologer's searchlight new second edition -- Mechanical aspectarian -- Zone time map -- Tables of Houses for your place of birth -- Ephemeris for year of birth -- Astrological blanks three kinds for use with lessons -- Study and reference charts three kinds -- A brief history of astrology -- How to succeed in the study and practice of astrology new second edtion. Lectures on Astrology. Bradley, Donald A.

Profession and birth date: A statistical analysis of planetary positions at the birthdates of eminent American clergymen. Contents: Introduction, The problem and its setting -- The astrological concept. Table showing sign divisions of tropical Zodiac ; Table showing qualitative attributes of the signs -- Part one The solar distribution -- Part two The solar distribution -- Part three The solar distribution -- The lunar distribution -- The distribution of Mercury -- The distribution of Venus -- The distribution of Mars -- Conclusion -- Birthdates of eminent clergymen -- The sun in standard "Decanate" divisions -- Probabilities of planetary retrogradation -- Probabilities of particular planetary aspects.

How to Succeed in the Study and Practice of Astrology. Contents: Open letter to students from Llewellyn George -- A tested plan for conducting classes, lectures, study circles -- Public lectures, Preparation for; suggestions; outline for four -- Additional helps -- Advertising, Suggestions for -- Agents wanted -- An important distinction -- Birth data of prominent people for use with class work or lectures -- Books with a purpose for three classes of readers: Class 1.

For the general public ; Class 2. For those who wish to study astrology ; Class 3. Astrologers, teachers, lecturers, advanced students -- Distributors wanted -- Horoscope of the United States -- Horoscope of observatory foundation, Greenwich, England -- License fees and general legal requirements for astrologers -- Money makes for you -- Ready-made horoscopes -- Sales suggestions -- Your opportunity.

Weston, L. Los Angeles: Llewellyn Publications Co. The sky is the limit: Explaining the why and wherefore of astrology, its educational values, practical application, personal and business opportunities, planting information, 12 birth month zodiacal readings, and other interesting information. Contents: The publisher's foreword -- List of illustrations -- Introduction to astrology -- Aquarian Age, the new "Airy Age" now dawning -- Astrology, Is it science or religion? Answering a critic -- Comets -- Earth in relation to the signs of the zodiac -- How a horoscope is made and read -- Is this your lucky hour?

History, influence, good and adverse aspects of -- Power of invisible vibrations -- Proof of the pudding is in the eating -- Scientific findings in astrology -- The "Mystery" of astrology explained -- Things you should know about the planets -- The signs are right! The sky is the limit: Explaining the why and wherefore of astrology; its educational values, practical application, personal and business opportunities, planting information, 12 birth month zodiacal readings, and other interesting information.

Answering a critic -- Comets -- Earth in relation to the signs of the zodiac -- Eclipses -- How a horoscope is made and read -- Is this your lucky hour? Bradley -- Comets -- Earth in relation to the signs of the zodiac -- Eclipses -- How a horoscope is made and read -- Is this your lucky hour? Abrams -- Phases of the moon -- Planets affect each other and life upon the Earth -- Pluto.

Alexander, Thea. The Prophetess: Rana, Prophetess of A. Comments: "Excerpts from a much larger collection of conversations with Rana, and what is presented here is neither complete nor in its final form"--Editors note. Contents: Prologue -- Past and future -- Love and hate -- Government and politics -- Freedom and bondage -- Wisdom and folly -- Crime and punishment -- War and peace -- Religion and God -- Law and injustice -- Sex and marriage -- Good and evil -- Life and death - Epilogue. Macro Interaction in Your Daily Life! Tempe, AZ: Macro Books, , c Third printing.

Table of contents : Prologue -- Life is an opportunity -- Interaction -- Macro interaction -- Relationships -- Intra-action: Getting your act together -- Macro interactions with others -- Being in love - the Macro way! Copy Bradley, Donald A. The Parallax Problem in Astrology. Los Angeles: Llewellyn Publications Ltd. Table of contents: The parallax problem in astrology -- The mechanics of parallax -- Preliminary steps in solution -- Solution for lunar parallax -- Example of the solution of formula set I -- Example of the solution of formula set II -- Solar and planetary parallax -- The new noon theory -- Proving our premise -- Closing comments -- Placidian tables of Houses for the United States Capitol, Washington, D.

Fagan, Cyril. Zodiacs Old and New: A probe into antiquity and what was found. Table of contents: The Egyptian heavens of B. Ascension of Sirius, the Arrow-star -- Zodiacs: old and new. The Pleiades ; Mean position of 1st Nisan ; B. Sidereal longitude of the vernal point V. The Heliacal settings and risings of the plants: Heliacal settings ; Heliacal risings ; Inferior conjunctions ; Solar conjunctions in B. Hazelrigg, John.

Astrosophic tractates: In which are presented certain phases of the stellar doctrine not usually subjected to interrogation or a diligent enquiry; a conscientious effort to unite logic and consistency in support of its claim, and to remove its implicits a degree further beyond the pale of the sciolist and the shallowness of argumentative discussions. Comments: Bindings vary: Copy 1: blue hardcover; Copy 2: orange paperback with scroll and ink pot stencil; Copy 3: white paperback with zodiac wheel. Table of contents: Biographical sketch of the author -- Foreword by Llewellyn George -- Introduction to "Astrosophic tractates" --Cosmogenesis, a Kabalistic fragment -- Duodenary divisions of the circle -- Inductive analysis -- Planetary influence; its modus and rationale -- Soul astrologized, The Soul mates -- World horoscope, The; And its U.

The Astrological Satellite. Table of contents: Your horoscope is a map -- Concerning planetary indications -- America's opportunity lies in scientific agriculture -- Influence of the moon on crops -- The planets indicate and also influence -- Gross injustice resented -- Conditions foretold -- The builders -- The difference between geocentric and heliocentric astrology -- Cause and influence of aspects -- Malefics ascending -- The years of life relating to the progressed chart -- Progressed moon's acceleration -- Beginning undertakings -- Medical treatment -- "What astrology has done for me" -- What "Sing a song of sixpence" means -- Mythology -- Have you a hobby -- Why the weather changes -- Who are the superstitious -- From surgery and the Zodiac a comment -- Superstition?

George, Llewellyn Ed. Astrological Gleanings. American -- Time, difference according to location -- Time, correction, about the -- Titanic, astrological comments on the -- Transits, about the effects of -- Transits, length of -- Transits, adverse and good -- Transits and the nativity -- Transits of moon, effect of through each of the 12 Houses in a chart -- Triplicities, meaning of -- Uranus and the New Age -- Uranus and Aquarius -- Vaccination and astrology -- Vulcan Experimental research -- War celestial, ode to the triple conjunction -- Zodiacal influence -- Zodiacal signs, quality and rulership of.

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Linebaugh, Leo A. Get rich and stay rich. Los Angeles, California: Llewellyn Pub. The resume of each chapter is by Llewellyn George. Chaney, W. Chaney's primer of astrology and American urania. Louis: Magic Circle Publishing Co. American astrology magazine's master forecast for the year ending. New York, N. Comments: Description based on May 31, issue, and forecast prepared for persons born June 19, [i. Seward, A. The astrological forecast and review of the planets for Atlantic City, N.

Seward, Comments: Written for people born under the zodiacal sign of Cancer June 21st up to and including July 22nd for the year Astrological forecast and review of the planets for Atlanta City, N. Comments: Written for people born under the zodiacal sign, Libra September 23rd up to and including October 23 for the year Comments: Written for people born under the zodiacal sign, Taurus April 19th up to and including May 20th for the year Williams, Brian. ISBN: Comments : Inlcude 1 illustrated booklet; "Card descriptions include the Greek and Roman name of each deity and the attributes of each figure.

Four great cities of the Renaissance Italy are represented among the suits: warlike Milan is depicted by swords, artistic Florence by staves, water Venice by cups, and ancient "eternal" Rome by coins. Waite, Arthur Edward. The original Rider Waite tarot deck. Stamford, Connecticut : U. Games Systems, Inc. Box title: Ingalls, the master-mind known the world over presents his wonderful zodiac fortune telling cards. Wonderful zodiac fortune telling cards. Table of contents: Preface: An explanation of the personal kind ; An illustration from mystic literature ; A subject which calls to be rescued ; Limits and intention of the work -- Part.

The veil and its symbols: Introduction and general ; Class I. The outer method of the oracles: Distinction between the Greater and Lesser Arcana ; The Lesser Arcana, otherwise, the four suits of tarot cards. The suit of Wands, The suit of cups, The suit of swords, The suit of pentacles ; The Greater Arcana and their divinatory meanings ; Some additional meanings of the Lesser Arcana ; The recurrence of cards in dealing ; The art of tarot divination ; An alternative method of reading the tarot cards ; The method of reading my means of thirty-five cards -- Note on the tarot as a game.

Ellershaw, Josephine. Easy Tarot Handbook. Woodbury, Minnesota: Llewellyn Publications, , c eleventh print. Table of contents: Part 1. Good foundations: Background -- No history lesson -- About the tarot deck -- Introducing the Gilded Tarot -- Answering your questions: How does tarot work? Preparation for readings: Getting ready to read -- Reading for yourself -- Preparation -- Asking the tarot -- Shuffling and cutting -- Using a significator -- Recording readings in your diary -- Example of a tarot diary record -- Before you begin, some helpful advice -- Part 4.

Various tarot spreads in depth: What type, when, and why? The final touches: Car associations -- Sample from the Life Spread -- The cards you can't relate to -- About the "awkward" cards -- Putting it into perspective -- About illness -- Card combinations -- Living with tarot: Reading for others -- Reading for minors -- Some final words -- Part 6. The pictorial key to the tarot: Being fragments of a secret tradition under the veil of divination. Table of contents: Waite's last word on the tarot -- Introduction -- Preface: An explanation of the personal kind ; An illustration from mystic literature ; A subject which calls to be rescued ; Limits and intention of the work -- Part.

Renee, Janina. Tarot for a new generation. Paul, Minnesota: Llewellyn Publications, Jette, Christine. Table of contents: Taking the leap -- Building your tarot practice --Global tarot -- The business of tarot -- Counseling clients -- Teaching- and learning- Tarot -- Epilogue: The energy to succeed -- Appendix A. The professional tarot reader's code of ethics -- Appendix B. Tarot course outlines -- Appendix C. The resourceful reader. Sharman-Burke, Juliet. The Mythic Tarot Workbook. Comments: The perfect companion to any Tarot deck, The Mythic Tarot Workbook offers a variety of card spreads and creative exercises to help readers learn more about the imagery and symbolism of each card in the deck.

Understanding the nature of each card brings a deeper sense of knowledge and insight to every Tarot reading, and with this workbook as a guide, every Tarot enthusiast -- whether beginning or advanced -- can become a more proficient reader. Pollack, Rachel. Woodbury, Minnesota: Llewellyn Publications, Wands ; Cups ; Swords ; Pentacles -- How to read the cards -- The tarot and meditation -- Systems of occult thought that illuminate the tarot.

The tarot and numerology ; The tarot and the Kabalah ; The tarot and astrology -- Epilogue- The Fool's journey -- Glossary of symbolic terms. Hollander, P. Comments: Describes and interprets the symbolism of the 22 Major Arcana cards and the 56 Minor Arcana cards using a sampling of various decks. Includes instructions on how to lay out the cards and interpret them. Huson, Paul. New York: G. Putnam's Sons, Table of contents: Foreword -- Talking tarot- a glossary of terms -- Reading the cards -- Where did the tarot come from?

Godino, Jessica and Lauren O'Leary. The World Spirit Tarot. Paul, MN: Llewellyn Publications, Drury, Nevill. The tarot workbook: A step-by-step guide to discovering the wisdom of the cards. Hove: Apple, Comments: "The idea for this book began life as a revision and update to The Devil's picturebook Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes, Vol.

Quislund -- The Orchestra of Sit. Gilliard -- The iconography of the frescoes in the Oratorio di S. Dunford -- Mantegna's St. DuQuette, Lon Milo. Understanding Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot. Boston: Weiser Books, Comments: Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot was his final opus, the culmination of a lifetime of occult study and practice. With artist Lady Frieda Harris, he condensed the core of his teaching into the 78 cards of the tarot. Although Crowley's own Book of Thoth provides insight into the cards, it is a complicated, dated book.

Now, in clear language, Lon Milo DuQuette provides everything you need to know to get the most out of using the Thoth deck. Table of contents: pt. Little bits of things you should know before beginning to study Aleister Crowley's Thoth tarot. The cards. Beyerl, Paul V. The symbols and magick of tarot : seeking the mysteries. Kirkland, Washington : The Hermit's Grove, , c Comments: Each of the Major Arcana has in addition to the usual upright and reverse interpretations, a section on guidance in using the cards for Wiccan rituals along with their corresponding herbs, gems, planets, and zodiac.

Table of contents: Introduction. Showers, Paul. Fortune telling for fun and popularity. Philadelphia: The Blakiston Company, , c Table of contents: Chapter 1. What your numbers tell: The numbers in your name: The personality number ; The vocational number ; The destiny number -- The number in your birth date: Table of spiritual numbers -- A glimpse into your future: Table of the mustic numbers -- How humbers answer questions: The table of the pyramid -- Cahpter 4.

What's in the cards: General instructions -- The deck of 32 cards: The meaning of the 32 cards ; Meaning of card groups ; Meaning of spcial combinations with 32 cards ; An old favorite ; The secret of the sevens ; The fateful eleven ; The double thirteen ; The single thirteen ; The fifteen-seven method ; The star of seventeen ; The lucky star ; The simple cross ; The gypsy cross ; Your with with 32 cards -- The deck of 52 cards: The meaning of the 52 cards ; Card groups ; Special combinations with 52 cards ; The square of nine ; The seven packs ; The five messages ; Questioning the cards ; The three answers ; The four stars ; The Egyptian pyramid ; An old-country method -- Your with with 52 cards ; The ten packs -- Chapter 5.

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Your future in your dreams: Alphabetical list of words representing dream ideas, with the interpretation of each word -- Chapter 6. Your fate in magic tables: The secrets of the sun ; The lucky clovers ; The Tree of Life ; The sixteen pyramids ; The wheel of fortune ; The magic heart ; The sacred eagle ; The tablets of Thoth ; The secrets of the stars ; The bird of paradise ; The charmed circle ; The coiled serpent ; The mystic circles ; The diamond ; The cross and the circle ; The circle and the star ; The coin and cards ; The wishing ring ; The four kings ; The four queens -- Chapter 7.

The psychology of fortune telling. Lewis, H. Self mastery and fate : with the cycles of life. Rosicrucian library ; 7. Table of contents: The problem of mastership -- Man a free agent -- Cosmic rhythm and the cycles of life -- The periods of earthly cycles -- The simple periods of human life -- The complex yearly cycle of human life with description of cycle no.

Planetary daily guide for all, Moon sign book. Hook, Sr. Hook Sr. Traditional ; Ritual no. Transposing elemental quarters ; Ritual no. Transposing the names ; Ritual no. Pagan Community -- Church of C. Ordo Templi Orientis in Oz. Ledwidge and I. Lodge of the O. The O. Issue no. Ledgewidge and I. Announcements Pathways : Wiccan Male seeking contact with S. Consult the Gipsy -- Other ways of telling fortunes by cards -- Character in the face -- Character in handwriting -- Charms for all seasons -- The stars and our destiny -- Your name - what it means -- Easter customs -- What would you know?

Consult the magic circle: let the magic circle answer your questions -- Which is your hand? This volume represents some two dozen or more attempts to wrangle words into some cohesive shape in regards to various facets of the whispered folk knowledge and practice of the folkwitch. There are no spells here, merely, considerations of the structure of that thing we call reality, of the nature of magic, spirits, dreams and those forces we use to look through the Veil.

Most of the pieces here have appeared in the pages of the Skeptical Occultist journal [here] edited into an order that gives them shape with the intention of guiding those on the path to an understanding of the world in which we work our magic. Hartmann, Franz.

In the Pronaos of the Temple of Wisdom. Chicago: The Aries Press, Yogananda, Paramahansa. Undreamed of Possibilities. Los Angeles: Self-Realization Fellowship, Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. Beyond Birth and Death. Fortune, Dion. The Mystical Qabalah. Revised Ed. Ravenwolf, Silver. Woodbury, MN: Llewellyn Publications, Morrison, Dorothy.

Wood, Jamie and Tara Seefeldt. Berkely: Celestial Arts, K, Amber and Azrael Arynn K. Cabot, Laurie and Jean Mills.

Water Signs ~ Yes They Do Love You! Self Sabotage Is Causing Delays.. Timeless Love Reading

Kurtz, Katherine and Deborah Turner Harris. Death of an Adept. New York: Ace Books, Scogna, Kathy M, ed. Scogna, Jr. Airola, Paavo O. Health Secrets from Europe. Riva, Anna. Los Angeles: International Imports, Cunningham, Scott. Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs. Summary from library catalog entry in GIL-Find.

Based on the Shaka system of naming years. The annual Wanderers almanac is an illustrated introduction to: Solar System astronomy, Stellar mythology, Popular astrology, and the Origin of calendars. Isbrandtsen, The Rosary by Theresa J. Edward C. Magazine selling blank books, calenders, bumper stickers, posters, amulets, jewelry, gemstones, oils and diffusers, ritual items, statuary, candles, candle holders, books on various subjects. The Beacon: A magazine of esoteric philosohy, presenting the principles fo the Ageless Wisdom as a contemporrary way of life.

Haselhurst, Opportunity in Capricorn by Peter H. John's Wort by EagleSong. Nunn, Goddess Tastes, Delectable Dates. Biodynamic R evolution by Victor and Linette Landa. The Relationship between earth, farmer, and food can result in healthy soil, produce and people. America's "Gandhi", Julia Butterfly talks about how Luna change her life and the environmental movement. Tour this Mountain community where sprituality is practiced, researched, and honed through the arts.

Are the Mayan energies of the Yucatan and the Incan mysteries of Peru essential to the Earth's future. Can mowing your lawn be a less expensive technique than psychotherapy? Take chicken and sheep genes, mix with a potato- the result is a potato with skin like a crocodile's. What's next? What is the Law of One?

Discover your personal relationship with God and reconnect with the Source. Improve your IQ and EQ with a vegetarian alkaline diet and radical approach to eating. Flower Power! Learn the mystical secrets to a twelve-month blooming garden. Lee Lorenzen by Uri Dowbenko. Does the fountian of youth really exist? Research reveals the existance of new water structures.

The Spirit of a Garden by John Osborne. Blend spirit and nature through simple experience of the garden. Jean discusses the "geography of the soul" and how to call upon your archetypal self. The ability to listen and forgive can keep the honeymoon in a long and loving relationship. Friends and Ivory take investing to the next level with their socially responsible funds. Let your money have an effect on the world. Brandon Boyd of Incubus speaks of lucid dreaming with Sirona Knight. Infuse your yard with chi and bring positive energy to your home and life. Is God Alive? Magical Blend's publisher explore one of the most important questions in the world today.

God and humankind: A Timeline. Much has happened within the last 50, years to humankind and the way we have connected with God. How We Know God. Contemporary writers, visionaries, and artists share their thoughts on how they know God is in their lives. A logical perspective of God and the question of Divine existence. Teh author ponderw how we can conclude that there is indeed a Supreme Being. Where is My Soul?

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  8. Two Cowboy Shamans share their knowledge with a Texan who is looking for his soul. This Toltec master helps us to uderstand how to master love and to live by four simple agreements. Losang Samten emigrated from Tibet to India as a child and later came to the US to teach Tibetan Buddhism where he makes every effort to bring ideas and happiness to humankind.

    Charles Darwin has heads shaking again as his newly discovered "lost" theory of evolution surfaces. Rx: Mind Power by P. Your mind is a powerhouse of healing energy. Use it to command your body to stay healthy. Movement through Pilates by Alison Hope. Learn the importance of building a strong torso for balence, revitalized awareness, and elimination of self-criticism. Practical Astrology by Brian Hill. The second part of a two-part article.

    Brian Hill continues his discussion of the planetary spheres and how they direct our lives. Need more room in your kitchen? Get rid of your stove! Uncooked foods can help you reach new chelons in quality and healthfulness. It's not as radical as you think. Guitarist Keith Moseley talks of the band's evolution and the magic they bring to audiences. Are they the new Grateful Dead? Learn to make goal writing a creative process to getting what you want. Travel Tenderly around Mother Earth and have fun at the same time-become an ecotourist and put ecology into your travel plans.

    The Grace of Assisi by Lauren O. A peaceful Italian village offers unconditional love and bliss to those who venture there. Contents: List of Pagan Goups organized by state with information on the group with their address, phone number, and email address. Circle Guide to Wicca and Pagan Resources. Compiled by Selena Fox. Artwork and Calligraphy by Dirk Dykstra.

    Madison: A Circle Publication. List of resources with name and citation. Illustrated by Sarah White. Mt Horeb: A Circle Publication. The Celtic tradition continues to influence our faith and culture. Jousting with the Jackal by Madeleine O'Callaghan. An Irish woman's mythic struggle with God. The Rebirth of Nature by Rupert Sheldrake.

    A preview of the famous biochemist's new book on evolutionary creativity and mysticism. The Druids of Ireland by Dolores Whelan. How the Celtic native tradition preached Christ before Christiantiy. A Salvadoran Transformation by Dan Turner. An experience of beauty and suffering among the poor in El Salvador. Images that communicate the Celtic Spiritual tradition. Creation Spirituality in Ireland by Pilip Quirke. A sacred site occasions a deep experience of faith. Addiction in Overdevloped Cultures by Matthew Fox.

    A selection form Matthew Fox's new book on a liberation theology for first-world people. Dreamin Deep and Surfacing. Jeremy Taylor appeals to our dreams for solutions to international conflicts. Brian Willson. A spirituality for recovering from the American Way of Life. Men Spirituality and Violence by Paul Kivel.

    Transforming the will to control into the courage to be. Poems of mortality and new birth. Instruction from the Four Paths for Modern-Day prophets. A Dinner Dialogue by Melissa Peebles. Women discuss their points of view on the men's spirituality movement. A comparision of four of the topsellign books on men's issues.

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    A visionary artist tells about the evolution of a most unusual work of art. An appeal for myths to reshape our thinking and feeling about sexuality, about being men and being human. An interview with Donna Read, courageous filmaker on women's issues. On finding, joining, and maintaining a Creation-Centered community.

    Stanley, General J. Randolph, Colonel George A. NASA Scientists are thinking small but ambitious. Is it a bad sign that my birthday horoscope has a typo in it? Then again, perhaps I am destined to move a butt about with a prestigious crowd. My butt? And this will cost money? We shall see! You dare to be creative with your work, which brings astounding results. Pool your remarkable resources with family, colleagues and friends in May. You share a special connection with Virgo and Gemini people.

    Your lucky numbers are 7, 10, 4, 19 and Also, this past Saturday night Rachael and I celebrated our birthdays at St. Pauli Bar, and then Chris and I came home drunk and ate fake chicken nuggets while watching Sesame Street. So there you go. Macy shares your birthday today. You often feel that fate plays a role in your life. You have your own special brand of courage, which is why you are able to surmount major obstacles. Personal growth is important to you. You intend to become a better person in this lifetime. You know, Georgia Nicols, actor William H.

    Macy shares my birthday all the time and not just this day, so maybe you can stop bringing it up. Yes, Dana Delaney, too. Yes, will be a fantastic year! Anticipate your rewards to be many! The first area of return will be your career! Jupiter, joined by power-planet Pluto now in your career sector, brings a career change, a promotion or a job up grade!

    Not only will work situations improve but so will your friendships. Expect yourself to be surrounded by some very interested and high level people by the end of the year. Relationship matters take on more importance. On Sept. Romance can be taken to a higher path.

    My astounding birthday horoscopes!

    Pay careful attention to your intuition! Neptune allows you to tune into your inner voice. Uranus in your Sun sign attracts all sorts of opportunities your way! Not only will be fantastic, but it will also be a memorable year! This one is from my favorite online horoscoper, who uses a lot of exclamation points! Love Psychic, can you spell e-m-p-h-a-t-i-c? This horoscope is very specific but I have no idea what it actually means!

    But maybe I will a year from now! Happy really-unseasonably-warm-day-in-Chicago, everyone! Happy William H. Love, me. This week I remembered that last year I copied and pasted my birthday horoscopes and saved it as a blog draft entry.